Attacked By Bees

Attacked By Bees

     One day I was walking to the town. I was feeling very thirsty. I looked around for some water. I then saw some coconut trees. There were many coconuts on them.

     I quickly climbed to a tree to pluck some coconuts. When I reached the top of the tree, I was surprised to see a big bee-hive. Many bees attacked me at once. I came down the trees as fast as I could.

     I received many cuts on my chest, as I came down. My face and body were swollen from the stings of the bees.

     I ran to the hospital as fast as I could. My face was so swollen that I could not open my eyes. Many small boys laughed at me.

     I suffered from the pain of the stings for almost a week. I shall never climb a coconut tree again.